Buckle Up With Bucky

Buckle Up With Bucky

Buckle Up With Bucky is a child passenger safety program written by Penny Andrist, M.S. and Gail Benson, M.Ed.  They have spent over 16 years teaching together - first in an elementary school and now as presenters to kids, parents and teachers.  

A paramedic from F-M Ambulance Service will come to your classroom and do a 30-minute presentation that will cover the who, what, where, when, and how of child passenger safety.  The Buckle Up With Bucky curriculum consists of question and answer time with the paramedic, a storybook featuring Bucky, the seat belt, a short video that reinforces what the presenter has covered, and a tour of an ambulance (if requested).  

To request a Buckle Up With Bucky presentation for your classroom, please click here. 

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