Deutscher Family Crashed Car Request Form

Thank you for your interest in the Deutscher Family Crashed Car.  Before you request use of the vehicle and trailer, please carefully read through the minimum criteria needed to request and transport the display.  

Event Information
Event Name *
Event Date(s) *
Location of Event *
Number of miles from F-M Ambulance Service (2215 18th St. S. Fargo ND 58103) *
Pick-up Date * (MM/DD/YYYY)
Drop-off Date * (MM/DD/YYYY)
Potential number of people reached *
Type of audience *
Personal Information
Name of event coordinator *
Email address of event coordinator *
Phone number for event coordinator *
Name of requesting/transporting law enforcement agency *
Email address for requesting/transporting law enforcement agency *
Cell phone number for the person who will be transporting the display. If you do not know this right now, please email Kristi with this information at least 24 hours prior to the display pick-up.
Make and model of transport vehicle *
License Plate of Transporting Vehicle *
Minimum Criteria
Once submitted, your request will be sent to the advisory board for approval.  Kristi will get back to you in approximately 1 - 2 weeks to discuss approval and any concerns.  


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