Standby Requests

Special Event Request

Please call our main office at 701-364-1704 to request EMS service for special event coverage.

Your special event is important to us and we will work with you to provide appropriate resources to adequately manage your event.

If you are inquiring about public relations events or tours, please contact Jaymes at or at (701) 364-1711.


Please be prepared with the following information when you call for special event coverage:

Requestor Information


   Person requesting standby

    Phone number (with area code)         


 Event Information

    Event title                   

    Event type  

   Event date #1          (MM/DD/YYYY)

       Event date #1 start time         

       Event date #1 end time          

    Event date #2    (MM/DD/YYYY)

       Event date #2 start time

       Event date #2 end time

    Event date #3    (MM/DD/YYYY)

       Event date #3 start time         

       Event date #3 end time          

    Event date #4    (MM/DD/YYYY)

       Event date #4 start time         

       Event date #4 end time          

    Event address 

    Event city       

    Event state     

    Event location (please be specific, i.e. building C, southeast door, etc.)      

    Number of staff/ambulances to standby        

    Contact person for the event  

    Contact person cell phone number    


Special requests/instructions  (if any)

Billing Information

   Business name                                    


   Business address                    

   Business city                          

   Business state                        

   Business ZIP   


COVID19 EMS Education Course Updates

Please go to the Sanford Health EMS Education website for important updates to Sanford Health EMS Education courses.

Education Questions?

Check out the Sanford Health EMS Education website, or give us a call at 701-364-1750!

Have You Received a Bill From Us?

Paying your ambulance bill online is fast and easy! Or call our billing department at 701-234-1222 from 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Monday - Friday. 


F-M Ambulance Service recognizes the benefits of showing the general public what emergency services is about. One way to promote EMS is to provide tours at no cost to the public when ever we are able to. If you are interested in setting up a tour with one of our ambulance units, contact us by email here: 

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