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Thief River Falls Area Ambulance (TRFAA) began operating as an Advanced Life Support ambulance service when purchased by F-M Ambulance Service on May 15, 2008. TRFAA operates three ambulances, and an ALS emergency response vehicle (ERV) covering a population base of about 12,000. The primary service area (PSA) consists of 1,200 square miles covering all of Pennington County, and portions of Marshall and Beltrami Counties in Northwest Minnesota.

Our service is staffed with two crews for 24 hours per day, with a third truck available staffed by part-time employees or management. Each crew consists of one paramedic and one EMT. Our annual run volume is approximately 1,400 calls, consisting of 911 emergencies and inter-facility transfers to tertiary care facilities primarily in Fargo and Grand Forks. Ambulance treatment and transport protocols are approved by Dr. Heidi Lako-Adamson, Medical Director for Thief River Falls Area Ambulance Service.

In addition to making improvements to the station, ambulances and EMS equipment, TRFAA is working constantly to improve the public relations within the community. Our management philosophy is such that we feel that the ambulance service needs to be a vital, and integral, part of the community. TRFAA should be viewed as a community resource. We don’t want the public to simply view the ambulance service as a negative icon that is seen only during a crisis when people are ill or injured.

Thief River Falls ambulance

Since our start in 2008, extensive efforts have been made to enhance our relations within the community. We have made a concerted effort to create, or participate in, projects that will benefit the community, as well as in Pennington County and our surrounding PSA. The following programs were developed for enhancing community relations:

  • Kids on Wheels (Wearing helmets enhances everyday life safety)
    •  Free ice cream for kids seen wearing helmets when biking, skateboarding or rollerblades.
  • Community Meet-n-Greet
    • Crews meet with the public at parks, campgrounds, the beach and the pool.
  • Heart to Heart Program
    • Minnesota Department of Health grant received to place 14 AEDs in the TRF community, and surrounding PSA.
  • Pennington County Safety Camp
    • 2 day safety camp for kids sponsored by TRF Parks and Recreation Department.
  • First Responder bag exchange program
    • First call bag exchange with first responder squads and law enforcement.
  • EMT class Lincoln High School (1 credit class offered as curriculum elective)
  • EMS Explorer Post 
  • MCI truck for major incident response to treat up to 50 patients at the scene.

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